Kelly Keegs ‘murdered the Mean Girls’: Dave Portnoy

Add this spicy new chapter to the Burn Book.

After Dave Portnoy revealed that he did not renew the contracts for Alex Bennett and Jordyn Woodruff, who host the “Mean Girls” podcast, he claimed on Tuesday’s installment of the “Barstool Rundown” that the pair were pushed out of the company by fellow on-air talent, Kelly Keegs.

Portnoy, who appeared on the show with Keegs, Kevin Clancy (known as KFC) and Tommy Smokes, said Keegs “murdered the ‘Mean Girls,’” with her blog in March when she declared: “I Officially Hate the Mean Girls.’”

The blog post was Keegs’ way of explaining that although she liked Alex and Jordyn “in real life,” she believed they put on a persona that made females at Barstool look stupid — however, they were getting clicks, so their behavior was encouraged and praised at the company.

“I said [in the blog] I didn’t like how we were raising up people that were putting out dumb clips on purpose and then that was setting the standard for clicks… when there are plenty of other girls here who are saying smart things and we’re getting enough traction online,” Keegs said.

Kelly Keegs on the Barstool Rundown on Sept. 12, 2023.
Barstool Sports

Portnoy claimed the “Mean Girl” podcast saw its views go down after Keegs’ blog came out.

Keegs said she tried to work things out with Bennett and Woodruff privately, but they refused to talk with her

“I think that’s unfair that two women are being labeled [morons],” Portnoy said. “You’re singling out one clip when we have so much stuff, and a lot of it is pretty moronic.

“[At one point, the show] was growing. They had a very quick rise. What was a little different, or at least seemingly from the outside is once Keegs killed them it really went down, so it looked like the Barstool audience was largely their audience. They weren’t getting outside us necessarily.

Dave Portnoy on the Barstool Rundown on Sept. 12, 2023.
Barstool Sports

“Oh, Keegs murdered it,” Portnoy said of the “Mean Girl” podcast, adding, “She ruined it.

“You’ll never have to deal with them again so congratulations.”

Keegs said, “I didn’t ‘feel bad going at them, because I thought they had the s–t to back it up.”

Clancy chimed in and said “the craziest twist” happened when he saw Woodruff working in his studio after the news broke of the “Mean Girls” podcast getting dropped by Barstool.

“The one day you get let go, you’re working,” he said, laughing.

Jordyn Woodruff and Alex Bennett of the “Mean Girl” podcast at Barstool Sports.
Instagram/Mean Girls Pod

Keegs then switched her tune and said she felt bad about the situation.

“I’m uncomfortable with the situation, you know, I feel bad,” she said. “I killed them for sure but I also wish that they talked to me.

“They refuse to talk to me. I texted them, I tried to talk to them in person. I briefly talked to the Alex.”

“If they wanted to stay, they would stay,”…

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